Amine Boushaba is a journalist and writes a cultural column for Morocco’s premier newspaper l’Economiste.  He has animated cultural programs such as Atlantic Radio’s news and culture talk show “Atlantic Café”, for which he was editor in chief, and was an original contributor to Morocco’s first art and culture magazine, aumaroc. Before turning his interest to cultural promotion and engineering, Amine Boushaba worked in the non-profit sector, notably for ALCS and the Alliance Maghreb Mashreq pour l’Eau, and he is currently the vice-president of Casamémoire, an organization for Morocco’s twentieth century architectural heritage. He is also behind the creation of “L’art de donner” (The Art of Giving), an organization that combines the promotion of young artists, the democratization of access to art, and assistance to children. With Jamal Abdenasser, he co-founded “La Chaise Rouge”, an interview platform for those he likes to call “cultural agitators”. Artists, intellectuals, and cultural stakeholders describe the status quo of Morocco’s cultural scene and offer their recommendations for placing culture at the heart of development strategies in Morocco.