Olfa Feki - Commissaire d'exposition - Lcc Program - Photo contest - Jury - Fondation Alliances - Photographie - Art

Olfa Feki is an architect and exhibition curator, based between Tunisia, France, Morocco and Egypt. Her interest in photography began during her architecture studies. She quickly gained visibility through a variety of experiences. She has shifted focus from promoting photography nationally to an international platform by co-founding the Shutter Party in collaboration with international institutions and foundations such as World Press Photo, Magnum, the NOORimages agency, the Goethe Institute, and the French Institute.

She also co-founded the first and only Tunisian institution dedicated to the image, La Maison de l’Image, where she organized workshops, conferences, and exhibitions with international artists.

Artists’ representative and jury member, Olfa has also undertaken the production of documentaries and photographic essays with various magazines and galleries, as well as festivals such as World Nomads New York 2013, Dak’Art 2014, Something Else Cairo 2015 and the Biennale of Photographers of the Contemporary Arab World (IMA and the MEP, Paris 2017). Her next project in Tunisia is #Kerkennah01, the first edition of a festival of visual art to be curated by seven international commissioners.

Olfa Feki is a curator and independent consultant.

I really believe that La Chambre Claire initiative has the merit of being one of the first to really promote the artistic scene in the North of Africa but above all to create channels between these countries.

Moreover, the choice to bring professionals from across the region and bring them together is a very rewarding experience. At the time of the competition, the debate arising during deliberation creates links of exchange and knowledge for all of us, which is very useful.