Mustapha Azeroual ( b. 1979 in Tours, France ) is a self-taught photographer of French-Moroccan origin. He lives and works between Paris (France) and Marrakech (Morocco). Trained as a scientist, his work is founded upon observation and experimentation, confronting historic shooting and printing techniques to the contemporary challenges of photography. Investigating tools, developing processes, and mediums, the artist prioritises above all else the spectator’s point of view. His work consists of a photographic analysis and is built around four principal fields of study : the study of light, the question of motif, the study of the recording and restitution of colour, and the question of medium. These themes of research have brought forward sections of works in which the series become a space of experimentation. He is a permanent resident of La Capsule, the centre of photographic creation in Le Bourget, and at the end of 2015 he joined Fresh Winds, in the context of the international art biennial in Gardur, Iceland. He developed the ELLIOS project, a study of light, in partnership with LESIA ( the sun observation pole of the Observatoire de Paris-Meudon ). His work is represented in France by Galerie Binome (Paris), in Morocco by CulturesInterfaces (Casablanca), and in the US by Mariane Ibrahim Gallery (Seattle).

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