Maya-Inès Touam, a recent graduate of the Beaux-Arts of Paris, is interested in the ambivalent portrayal of women in the Arab world. Born in France to Algerian parents, her own path has been largely defined by this question of identity. Her work, over the past four years, has articulated around a certain feminine imagery of contemporary Islam, in the line of artists such as Zineb Sedira, Shadi Gadirian, Maïmouna P. Guerresi, or the dancer Héla Fattoumi. Through her experiences travelling through MENA countries as well as through various artistic mediums, she questions the femininity associated with an Orient exposed to occidental codes of interpretation, notably in the context of her thesis work series Révéler l’étoffe (Revealing Material). Since 2017 she has turned her focus to the genre of the still life. Her artistic projects are born of a vision that is realized through research into iconography, semantics, and symbolism, bringing to life carefully precise and balanced compositions. Maya-Inès Touam has presented her photographs in group exhibitions in the United States, Europe, and North Africa,

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