Launched in 2013, La Chambre Claire is a bi-annual exhibition that seeks to promote emerging contemporary photography.

Through this innovative program, Fondation Alliances wishes to give a concrete impetus to the young creative photography through a consistent cultural patronage policy, as part of an alternative approach to that of the art market. Fondation Alliances has chosen to provide regular support to an emerging photographer, enabling him/her to produce his/her first solo exhibition and meet with the public.

In 2017, La Chambre Claire has changed its name to Lcc Program, providing optimized visibility for the award winners and the special mention recipients, as well as all participants. In addition to the production of a first solo exhibition, the Lcc Program supports individual award winners in the evolution of their creative approach, providing the means necessary to present, develop, and disseminate their visual expression. Every winning candidate thus enjoys personalized assistance from the foundation team. In order to fully perform the role of a springboard platform, the Lcc team solicits assistance from contemporary art professionals.