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It is at the age of 14 during family gatherings and thanks to an uncle who had a passion for photography that Fayssal Zaoui first discovered the pleasure of capturing moments of life and exchanges using a silver camera. He then decided to make a career of it. During his correspondence communication studies, Fayssal Zaoui tried his hand at freelance photojournalism but the constraints on freedom of speech, in particular the fact that he was denied the publication of one of his reports on pollution, led him to pursue his passion on a personal level as his wish is to say and show everything.

By constantly transitioning from one world to another, from his neighborhood of Hay Mohammadi where he grew up to the professional world where he had to adapt even the language he speaks, he realized that everything goes really fast in Casablanca and that the city is the one that gives rhythm to his daily life. As he explored it, he was inspired by unknown spaces, contact with people, venues and whatever surrounded him, including the sounds.

« The first thing you notice upon arriving in Casablanca is the noise, the horns, the pace, what is known as `noise pollution’, but I personally believe that it is a city which is rich in sounds and this is what I want to show. One has to love and accept Casa for what it is. »

All of the artworks of the exhibition In Motion were presented by the French Institute in Casablanca (November 14 – December 20, 2014).

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