Rêveries Urbaines

September 30th 2014 – March 4th 2015

The third edition of La Chambre Claire presented the photos of Youssef Lahrichi who reveals through Urban Daydreams his personal story with his adopted city, Casablanca. Enjoying rare moments of respite in the hustle and bustle of Morocco’s economic capital city, this young photographer takes on his camera to immortalize, within daring settings, his exceptional tête-à-tête meetings with Casablanca. With the city as scenery, Lahrichi creates scenes of which he is the only actor and activates his retardant to enjoy, during a shot, a privileged moment where the Casablanca of his daily life leaves room for the Casablanca of his fantasies:
« Just like a lover, he explains, I search for that moment when one can have a tête-à-tête, away from prying eyes, to immortalize the gentle and fleeting hugs. »